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Sustainability is particularly close to our founder’s heart

After many years in veterinary practice, Phill studied for a Masters in wild animal health, later working in conservation and animal rescue projects in China and south east Asia, before returning to the UK with the vision of establishing a practice that provided the highest standard of care to pets, while also actively and meaningfully contributing to protecting our environment.

That work started before our practice first opened its doors. Our logo features a house martin, inspired by the lone resident who had been nesting in the eaves of our dilapidated building when we started renovation work in 2013. We’ve maintained nesting boxes for them ever since.


We believe in the concept of One Health – that the health of people, animals and the environment are all linked and must be considered as one. That’s why we hold our work on sustainability and preserving local ecosystems as central to our ethos as a veterinary practice.

As the saying goes, ‘first do no harm’ – but we’d not be much of a practice if that was all we could manage for our patients, and so it is with our planet. At a time of true ecological crisis, we must do so much more than just ‘no harm’. So, beyond minimising the negative, we intend to make a genuinely positive impact, funding habitat regeneration, promoting biodiversity, and bringing team members and clients along for the ride.

One example of this is our Pet & Planet wellness plan, which is One Health in action – a truly unique approach to pet health plans, making the best health care both affordable and sustainable. 

If that sounds like a vision you want to be a part of, we’d love to hear from you. We could achieve so much more with your help. 


Blue sky thinking

As a truly independent practice, we have complete freedom, to use our imaginations, stretch our ambitions and make a difference.

Supporting local conservation

We are passionate about making a positive impact within our community and beyond, supporting a number of conservation projects both locally and globally.

We work with Hart Wildlife Rescue to achieve the best outcomes for wildlife casualties, which are afforded the same level of care as our pet patients. 

We support the work of conservation groups such as the Bumble Bee Conservation Trust, the Bat Conservation Trust and the British Trust for Ornithology, donating over £10,000 since we opened in 2015. 

Projects supported include groundbreaking radio-tracking to reveal the mystery of cuckoo migration, the crowd-sourced ‘live’ documentary highlighting river pollution, Rivercide, and preservation of a nationally important roost of the rare greater horseshoe bat near Midhurst. We urge you to support them too!

Sustainable practice

Every aspect of the practice is continually scrutinised to find new ways to improve our green performance including insulation and low-energy lighting, using a renewable energy supplier, reducing waste, and offering specialist recycling of items we cannot avoid such as medicine blister packs.

We will only prescribe medication when necessary, and never without considering other forms of treatment, such as weight loss to alleviate arthritis and taking lifestyle into account before recommending parasite treatments. We take this one step further with our Pet & Planet wellness plan, which uses leading edge diagnostic testing to ensure your pet is protected against parasitic disease, without the overuse of medicines which can harm the environment.

We send native, British wildflower seed packets with a card to all clients when they say goodbye to their pet, to be planted as a vibrant, lasting memorial, while also supporting pollinators.

We use a green energy supplier and actively work to reduce our consumption of resources and waste, and have committed to achieving ‘net zero’ before 2030 as part of the UN ‘Race to Zero’ initiative.

Protecting the planet

In both of our wellness plans – Pet & Planet and Pet & Pocket – we will make a climate contribution on our members’ behalf, funding a reduction in carbon emissions equivalent to their pet’s average annual pawprint, every year they remain a member. We believe this to be a UK first.

We have partnered with Ecologi to make this happen – click the Ecologi logo below to see our progress. 

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New and exclusive:
Wellness plans with unlimited

Every pet is different – what they eat, where they go, what they do – so why should they be treated the same way?

Through our innovative wellness plans, we can use the latest diagnostic advances to assess your pet as an individual, providing tailored preventative healthcare.


All this while giving you BIG savings and making our corner of the planet a little healthier too.

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