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One Health

Why caring for the environment is one of our foundation stones

The World Health Organisation defines One Health as “an integrated, unifying approach to balance and optimise the health of people, animals and the environment”, recognising the interdependence of each, with a healthy environment being fundamental to all.

The most obvious relevance in our work is keeping your pets well and, in doing so, safeguarding your relationship with them and the wellbeing that brings through companionship, social interaction and exercise.

It also involves protecting you and the wider public from diseases that animals can pass to humans, including parasites, and protecting animals from diseases and other harms that we can pass to them. 

In this context, the animals concerned may be owned or free-living and ‘wild’.

Another aspect is the correct use and disposal of medication. Antibiotic resistance in human medicine is a huge concern and so we reserve some antibiotics for people only and only use others when needed, following careful selection. Avoiding excessive use of other drugs that can harm the environment is a component of our Pet & Planet plan.

Caring for the environment is not traditionally the role of a veterinary practice, but is a foundation stone of Small World Vet Centre – the clue is in our name! Faced by a biodiversity and climate crisis, this has never been more important.

From energy efficiency and minimising waste, to promoting green pet ownership, and raising money for conservation projects… there is no aspect of our local, independent business that is not tilted towards this aim, without ever compromising the standard of service we provide or adding to our fees.

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