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We put special thought into the care of your rabbits

While rabbits are one of the most popular pets in the UK, our understanding of their unique physiology and behaviour once lagged behind that of cats and dogs, but not any more. 


What used to be a chapter in a veterinary manual covering all ‘exotic’ species, is now an ever expanding and fascinating field of study in its own right, just as it should be, with the improvements in rabbit health, welfare and longevity that go with it.


We’re accredited by the Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund (RWAF) with Silver ‘Rabbit Friendly Practice’ status, recognising our facilities, experience and enthusiasm for the care of rabbits. Something we’re very proud of. Each year RWAF check in with us to make sure we are keeping up to date and that our approach to bunny cases reflects the latest knowledge.


Rabbits are prey animals, and are likely to become stressed when they spend time among the smells and noises of cats and dogs. Our team will plan for their visit, to make their time with us as stress-free as possible, scheduling appointments away from other pets whenever possible, or taking them to a quiet space on their own if the waiting room is to be shared.


The days of a rabbit as the lonely, forgotten pet in the hutch at the bottom of the garden are, or should be, long gone. They are characterful, affectionate and rewarding pets that are just as much part of the family as cats and dogs, and deserve the same level of care. We are committed to providing it.


Alongside our Silver ‘Cat Friendly Practice’ status, we believe this shows the level of thought we put into the service we provide to each and every one of the pets who are entrusted to our care.

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