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New and exclusive:
The Small World Vet Centre wellness plans!

Caring for our Small World is central to what we do

Every pet is different – what they eat, where they go, what they do – so why should they be treated the same way? 


Through our innovative wellness plans, we can use the latest diagnostic advances to assess your pet as an individual, providing tailored preventative healthcare. 


Our ethos is to care not just for your pets, but also the ecosystem we all depend on. 


The health of all animals, including ourselves, is intrinsically linked to that of our environment – an idea called One Health. 


Clean air, pure water, rich soil growing wholesome food, diverse habitats supporting abundant wildlife… everything flows from this.


Our wellness plans are One Health in action, making the best pet care affordable and sustainable.


Explore our site to find out more about One Health, climate contributions and our work to protect our planet, or follow the button below to download our free PetsApp from which you can sign up to our plans today.

The buttons above will take you to PetsApp. If you haven't already, you can download the app for free, from which you can sign up to our plans. Savings are calculated on an average eight year old 20kg dog or 4kg moggie making fair use of the benefits of our plans.

Pet & Planet
The future of pet care


This is our flagship plan. Ground-breaking, game-changing, pioneering… we think it’s the bee’s knees!


It partners the best standards of preventative healthcare with leading edge diagnostic testing to ensure your pet is protected against parasitic disease, without the overuse of medicines which can harm the environment. All we need is a quarterly faeces sample and, for dogs, a blood sample – all of which is covered by the plan.


This concept of testing and monitoring extends to vaccination too, with an annual blood test to check your pet’s immunity. This way, they only receive a booster when it's needed and, as importantly, we can make sure they have been fully protected by previous vaccinations.

We will use the same sample for a comprehensive blood screen, and also analyse a urine sample, to complete the most thorough annual health check ever, because early detection of a problem means more effective treatment. Bags of benefit and, again, all included.

That’s perhaps more visits to us than you’re used to, but all your consultations are included in the plan, whether via video or in person. 


For our nervous cats, we even throw in a yearly bottle of calming spray for their basket, so everybody’s happy!


There’s more… discounts on neutering and dentistry, any parasite medications you need, Yora food, and even eco-cat litter.


Last but by no means least, we will make a climate contribution on your behalf, funding a reduction in carbon emissions equivalent to your pet’s average annual pawprint, every year you remain a member. We believe this to be a UK first.


That's a whole lot of feel good factor  – and with savings up to £630 to boot!

Pet & Pocket
Making peace of mind affordable

This one is for owners who want the reassurance that comes with having the basics covered. 


Members receive unlimited consultations, so you can book an appointment to see a vet whenever you are concerned about your pet’s health, or with a nurse for claw clipping, anal gland expression and lots more. 


With routine vaccinations, microchipping and a host of valuable discounts included, you’ll have the peace of mind that your companion will receive all the preventative healthcare essentials for the best possible price.


We even make a climate contribution equivalent to your pet’s annual carbon paw-print, so at £28 and savings up to £400 a year, it literally doesn't cost the earth!

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