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Our services
We aim to provide complete care for all your pet’s veterinary needs in one location, with everything on site. Read below for an overview of the services we can provide.


Our standard consultations are 20 minutes, allowing plenty of time to discuss your pet’s needs, perform a thorough ‘nose to tail’ clinical examination and explain any diagnostic/treatment plans. All consultations are included in our wellness plans.

Dental services

A pet’s dental health is crucially important for their long-term health, and we can advise on how best to care for them, as well providing treatment should it be necessary. Our wellness plan members get 10% off all dental services.

Chicken care

We are one of the few vets in the area who are happy to offer both preventative care and treatments to backyard poultry and waterfowl.

Home visits

Visiting our practice can be challenging for our clients, and we will do what we can to visit you at home when appropriate.


Our team can offer a range of surgical services, from routine surgeries such as neutering to more advanced procedures. Orthopaedic cases are seen by visiting specialists, reducing the need for referral and keeping costs and inconvenience to a minimum.

Diagnostic imaging

Our in-house equipment, including x-ray and ultrasound, help us diagnose conditions faster, meaning we can begin treatment sooner if it is required.

Exotic pets

We are always pleased to see the more unusual pets, with many birds, lizards, tortoises, snakes and small mammals as regular visitors. An initial video consultation (via PetsApp) can be useful to see your pet’s living space prior to examination.


Losing a pet is always difficult. We're committed to supporting you at this difficult time, ensuring you have the time and space to say goodbye in a way that makes it easier.


These are a routine but vital part of pet care, in order to protect pets from serious, but preventable illnesses. We will only recommend what's needed and can offer blood tests to check immunity status and reduce the number of vaccinations required to maintain strong protection – included in our Pet & Planet wellness plan

Laboratory services 

We can take and analyse urine and blood samples in-house, cutting down on waiting times and allowing us to treat poorly pets sooner.


If you find an injured wild animal, give us a call and we will always make arrangements to examine them – no charge.


Parasites cause discomfort, but can also lead to more serious health concerns for both pets and people, so prevention is better than cure. We will treat every pet according to their individual risk profile and offer testing as a means to reduce the frequency of medication. Learn more about our Pet & Planet wellness plan.


PetsApp provides a direct line to our team right from your phone or PC. Download the app to send all those non-urgent enquiries whenever you like!

Travelling abroad

We can guide you through the processes and paperwork that are necessary before you travel with your pet.

Nurse consultations

Our fantastic team of nurses can support you in the care of your pet through a range of clinics, including for weight management, senior clinics, help with behaviour, and nail clipping and anal gland expression. All consultations are included in our wellness plans.


It is a legal requirement for dogs over the age of eight weeks to be registered with a microchip, and will become law for cats in June 2024. It is also a good idea for tortoises and other small animals and ensures that if your pet is lost or stolen, you can be reunited with them. Microchipping is included with our wellness plans.

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