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Dental health and dental x-ray at Small World Vet Centre

Just like humans, pets can suffer from a range of dental issues, including gum disease, tooth decay and tooth loss. But it is more than just about teeth – it’s closely linked to your pet's overall health as these issues can lead to more significant health problems if left untreated. 


By prioritising dental health, you're not only ensuring a healthy mouth but also contributing to the overall longevity and quality of life of your pet.


We promote regular dental check ups to diagnose and treat problems early, helping to save teeth, prevent long-term issues and keep your pet happy and healthy. 

Members of our wellness plans receive a 10% discount on all dental services, as well as a range of other benefits designed to help protect your pet – and the environment. Find out more here.


We’ve invested in digital dental x-ray equipment to improve our diagnostic work, and include imaging in our fixed price, primary dental package, alongside anaesthetic and a complete descale and polish.


This gives us a detailed view beneath the gum-line – a crucial area unseen during regular examinations – accurately diagnosing dental conditions such as hidden periodontal disease, root abscesses or fractured teeth. 


If further work is required, such as extractions, we can then discuss this with you and provide a more accurate estimate of costs.

Advice on home dental care

As always, prevention is so much better than cure. A significant part of maintaining your pet's dental health happens at home. Our team is always ready to offer advice and demonstrate techniques for home dental care. This includes:


  • Selecting the right dental products like enzymic toothpaste specifically designed for pets.

  • Tips for brushing your pet's teeth and making it a positive experience for both you and your pet.

  • Advice on dental diets and treats that can help maintain good dental health.

Don't wait for dental issues to become apparent. Early detection and regular care are key to preventing serious dental problems. Book an appointment to discuss how we can help today.

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