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German Shepherd dog is playing in the green hilly countryside on a sunny day. Cliffs lands

Tailored Parasite Prevention: Protect Your Pet and the Planet

Parasites cause discomfort, but can also lead to more serious health concerns for both pets and people, so prevention is better than cure. 


Your pet’s lifestyle will determine which parasites they encounter and so we treat every pet according to their individual risk profile. 


For the most tailored approach, we offer testing to ensure your pet is protected against parasitic disease, without the overuse of medicines which can harm the environment. All we need is a quarterly faeces sample and, for dogs, a blood sample – all of which is covered by our unique Pet & Planet wellness plan.

Members of our wellness plans receive 20% off flea and worm control, as well as a range of other benefits designed to help protect your pet – and the environment. Find out more here.


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