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It really bugs us when we have no choice but to buy stuff that just goes into land-fill. Pill and capsule medication blister packs are one such bugbear because they cannot be processed by traditional recycling facilities; made of 'single-use' plastic, discarded in a blink of an eye but hangs around for centuries, and aluminium foil, which is the product of one of the most polluting industries on our precious planet. Even worse, we give them to you, and we don't like passing on problems.

So now we are pleased to offer our clients the opportunity to recycle these by returning them to us. We put them in our Zero Waste Box™ which is then sent to TerraCycle® where the plastic and aluminium foil is cleverly separated and reused. Much better.

We don't mind at all if you give us your 'human' medicine blister packs either, just make sure they are clean, with no traces of the medication, and of the type shown in the photo (if they are all foil, you can recycle them at most recycling centres).

For more info, and to see if there's a Zero Waste Box™ for that otherwise unrecyclable waste at home (you'll be surprised- crisp packets, disposable face masks, beverage capsules...), take a look here:


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