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CUCKOO UPDATE- have you heard one yet?

When everything else seems out of kilter there are some natural events that reassure us that the essential rhythms of life go on, pre-dating humanity's presence on the planet by millennia. One such is the return of 'our' mysterious cuckoos from....well, we knew not where until the BTO started their pioneering satellite-tracking project in 2011. It turns out they spend our winter in the Congo rainforest before flying thousands of miles (including a hazardous transit of the Sahara desert) back to us to breed, heralding the height of Spring with their iconic call.

Last year SWVC made a donation to the BTO enabling them to 'tag' another cuckoo. There are currently five, one already here (Carlton II), while the bird I was lucky enough to see expertly caught to join the project last May (Tennyson- pictured) is taking his time about it and is currently in Liberia.

Follow their progress here...

...and, if you can, donate to this brilliant project here by sponsoring one of the cuckoos.

I've not heard one yet- have you?


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