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It appears that SWVC is now the ONLY independent veterinary practice in the area. All those of Midhurst, Whitehill, Bordon, Grayshott, Hindhead and Haslemere are now owned by just 4 companies, each owning hundreds of practices across the country. In a changing world, when the traditional succession of younger vets buying in to partnerships no longer happens, practice owners must find other ways of realising the value of their many years of hard work, to look after their retirement.

Our independence is at the heart of what we do, fundamental to the ethos of the practice. The care of our patients is the only reason we are here, best achieved without targets to meet or scrutiny from anonymous board rooms. Of course we must also make a profit, but this is ploughed back into the practice, employing more staff, enhancing the range of services we can offer, and remaining within the local economy. Old fashioned? Probably, but with significant challenges ahead, the resilience and self-sufficiency of communities can only become more important as time goes by.



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